In wake of Hurricane Sandy, I'm curled up in my sweatpants with a cup of hot coffee in hand, thanking my lucky stars. The roomies and I fared well through the storm, having both electricity and water through it all. We camped out in the living room when the whistling of the wind and shaking of the windows got a little too intense. And when we couldn't bear any more storm commentary on channel 7, we indulged in watching Hocus Pocus on the Disney Channel, for that certain comfort only a children's Halloween movie from the '90s can bring.

But it's with a heavy heart that I woke up this morning, realizing not everyone made it through the storm unscathed. My thoughts and prayers are with those of you facing the great disaster Sandy brought upon us. With serious damage, flooded subways, and much of NYC without power, our city is in need of some serious TLC. A special thanks to all those out there helping to pick up the pieces and put our city back together!