CHEERS: Picnic Party Perfection

The birthday picnic (that I've been obsessing about for weeks!) went off without a hitch on Saturday. It was a scene of red, pink, and teal perfection—complete with gingham picnic blankets, sunflowers, and some truly adorable paper bunting. 

My mouth begins to water when I think back to the delicious champagne cupcakes with rose icing baked by my roommate, Lauren. A close second were the amazing mini zucchini quiches. And of course no picnic would be complete without an amazing cheese spread. We were certainly not lacking food.

It was such a treat to see everyone. It's rare to see this many people from different aspects of my life in one place. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Photography by Amanda Dennelly and friends.

Photography by Amanda Dennelly and friends.