Living Room Makeover

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions. Something about them seems doomed by mid-February—too easy to let go once it's no longer the beginning of the year, and no longer at the forefront of my thoughts. But I think we're all capable of positive long-term change, and if the New Year brings with it a clean slate and the motivation necessary, then I'm all for it.

With this coming year I've been on a rampant organizing and redecorating spree. My Brooklyn apartment has been in need of some serious TLC, looking a little too college dorm-room-ish for my taste. I'm determined to make it look a bit more like home. 

And so it began with a heathy dose of help from my friend and talented interior designer, Kelcey McLaughlin. And man, does this girl know her stuff. She happily chatted with me about polishing up my curb-find TV cabinet, the possibility of creating a breakfast nook, and the importance of metallics to lighten up the space. Stay turned for the transformation—it'll be a fun one.