Mind / Body / Soul – Turkey Day Edition

Today's mind / body / soul is in honor of Thanksgiving. They're threatening snow here in NYC, so wherever you're headed, safe travels!

I'm a huge fan of cranberry sauce. In fact, I'm a huge fan of all the toppings and sides at Thanksgiving — turkey is merely the vehicle. Here are the answers to everything you never thought to ask about the cranberry, from Need Supply.

When I happened upon Kayla Montgomery's story, I was incredibly moved by her message. Kayla is a runner with MS, that despite its challenges, continues to run anyway. 'Challenges' is putting it lightly. Every time she runs she loses feeling in her legs, literally running into her coach's arms at the finish, unable to come to a coordinated stop. This 12-minute clip from ESPN is worth the watch, and I suggest seeing it to the end. It served as a much needed reminder to be grateful for what I have and to make the most of it.

On a lighter note, this SNL skit needs no introduction.

image one via ajdennelly on Instagram / image two via ESPN / image three via SNL on YouTube