The Perfect Weekend Kicks

Let's pretend for a second that it wasn't snowing yesterday and that you haven't had your rain and snow boots in constant rotation. Think back to those carefree 60-degree weekends with just a slight chill in the air. Are you with me? Ok good.

As it turns out, I'm really particular when it comes to casual sneakers. Read: it's taken me years to find a pair that I like. I love just about everything until I try it on, at which point all of those color pairings that looked so great online, suddenly look terrible alongside whatever I'm wearing that day. Thus began my hunt for a neutral, go-with-anything sneaker with a bit of personality. 

But this fall, I found them. This New Balance 420 shoe from Nordstrom has a suede and mesh upper and a plaid interior, which although you can barely see it, makes me happy just knowing it's there. I decided to go with the black color but I think it's actually closer to a really deep navy, which suits me perfectly. I've been pretty excited about pairing them with cuffed jeans and a merino turtleneck sweater for an easy, yet pulled together look. And no, this isn't a sponsored post...I'm just really excited about my new kicks.

photographs by Larissa Fatseas with iPhone 5s