TRIED & TRUE: Travel List App

With all of the iPhone apps available these days, I've grown to appreciate when I stumble upon a well designed one. Travel List popped on my radar just in time to give it try as I pack for my vacation in the Philippines. I've found its intuitive interface and monochrome design to be beautiful in its simplicity.

The app allows you to create multiple lists and name them accordingly. I like to sort by location, but feel free to do your thing. You can then add items based on the ones provided or add your own. The list is separated into categories such as clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. with the option to add quantities and brand names so you know exactly what to grab. 

There's even that certain satisfaction that comes from checking things off and hiding them from the list once packed. I have yet to use the reminder alerts or the trip planner calendar features, but it's nice to know they're there. With its $1.99 price tag, this app is definitely more of a guilty pleasure than pen and paper — but one I'm happy to indulge in nonetheless.

photos by Amanda Dennelly