WANDERLUST: The Graham & Co.

It's hard not to love the look of this Catskills retreat, even if it does have that hipster vibe. With only a few more days 'til Memorial Day weekend (not that we're counting or anything) NYC escapes have been on my mind. The Graham & Co. popped on my radar a while back, but the image of that pool and inner tubes was permanently ingrained in my memory. 

Situated in the town of Phoenicia, NY and accessible via a Trailways bus, it's an ideal location for those of us without a car. After about a 3 hour journey at $30 one-way, you too can enjoy the 3 acres of fun. Complete with a swimming pool, hammocks, badminton court, fire pit, and even bikes, there's a nice mix of exploration & relaxation. This might be the perfect place for you outdoorsy folk that don't like to sleep, well…outdoors.

photos for The Graham & Co. by Poul Ober