Patagonia Women's Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book

To me, surfing is more of a fantasy than a reality. After a few weeks of surf camp in my teens, I'm hardly a pro. And while I've promised myself to carve out time to practice this summer, I'll continue to daydream until then. I found something very compelling about Patagonia's Spring/Summer 2014 look book, which features the swim collection designed by Claire Chouinard, daughter of Yvon Chouinard. 

Overall, I appreciate the authentic quality to these images. The photography by Lauren Ross seems natural and effortless. It truly captures the feeling of a day at the beach — complete with those sand covered legs, the task of carrying your board back to the car, and the almost meditative feeling of simply watching the ocean. The viewer is along for the journey — a part of the group rather than an outsider looking in.

It's a refreshing perspective in the swimwear realm, where it can so often slip into a myriad of perfect people and unrealistic photos. I've always been a fan of Patagonia's clothing because of how comfortable and wearable it is, without sacrificing style or femininity. And judging from this, those qualities are here to stay. Here's to a summer in the waves. 

The complete Patagonia Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook can be found here.

Patagonia S/S14 Lookbook with photographs by Lauren Ross.