Without Walls Guide to Summer Awesomeness

By now I hope you've all come across Without Walls, a collection of athletic apparel available at select Urban Outfitters locations. But if you haven't, you should definitely head over to their site and give it a look. I'm obsessed with their "get moving, have fun" mission — beautiful in its simplicity. 

And so far, I've been super impressed with the quality of the content on their Discover blog. I find myself being sucked in by all the exciting people they feature, along with the stunning photography. Oh and super useful knowledge like how to cook a grilled donut kebab. (Yes, you heard me right.)

Recently, their "Without Walls Guide to Summer Awesomeness" struck my fancy. How cute is this quirky little pocket guide? I love the loose illustrations by Sophia Chang, hand-drawn type, and two-color design. An awesome summer awaits.

Illustrations by Sophia Chang for Without Walls