Smells Like Summer

It's funny how certain smells evoke memories. I'm sure the rest of the city is irritated that the sidewalk reeks of chlorine when they walk by the NYC Parks & Rec Center. However its made me nostalgic for the countless hours I used to spend in the pool during the summer months. 

So I started thinking... Why don't I swim anymore? It's a great workout. I still love the water. And the Parks and Rec center, while not the fanciest facility I've ever seen, is totally affordable. In the summer, there's really no excuse not to to go — wet hair and all. 

So I finally purchased my 6-month pass for $75 and my goal is to swim at least once a week. I've only been twice, but it's amazing what a great workout it is without feeling like work. Is there a sport you love that you haven't practiced in a while? Maybe it's time to pick it up again. Summers are made for that. 

Photographic Print by Richard Cummins via