I mentioned a while back that I've started to add swimming to my weekly workout routine. I've found it to be a nice break from running. It works different muscles and I'm already beginning to feel a lot stronger. However since I'm just starting to get into it again, I haven't exactly built up the athletic wardrobe to match. Read: I look like a mismatched four-year-old that's just beginning to pick out her own clothes. While I tell myself that I don't know anyone at the pool so there is absolutely no reason to be self-conscious about this, I am building up a mental wish list of a more coordinated sort. Here's what my dream swim bag has to offer:



I've been on the hunt for a swim bag that doesn't look like a gym bag. This two-tone tote fits the bill perfectly with its dipped latex bottom to keep my clothes nice and dry.

1. I'm loving how neutral these polarized goggles are. They'll go with every. single. swimsuit.

2. Beautiful ocean blues in this swim cap. (I learned we're required to wear one at the pool so hair doesn't clog the filter…gross + who knew!?)

3. I use my camping towel at the pool because it doesn't take up as much space in my bag. I've heard this one is a real winner.

4. Umm two words: shower shoes.

5. I've been looking for an excuse to get this multi-purpose BPA-free bottle. And it's plastic so it won't make that horrible clanking noise when it hits the pool deck.

6. My hair has been really dry lately due to the chlorine. I'm dying to try this leave-in hair moisturizer.