We're moving (websites!)


You've probably noticed that it's looking a little different around here lately. A while back, I struggled to find the right voice for the blog. I opted for the "don't wait for it to be perfect to start" advice that I received time and time again. If you go way back to the first few posts, it's clear that it was anything but that. Lately, I've found myself writing more consistently, discovering a little about myself along the way. It's becoming clearer that I want this to be more than a lifestyle blog. I want substance. I want a concept. I want goals.

And therein lies the change. I'm going to take a turn toward focusing on wellness for the modern woman. I find myself among an audience of young women who are trying to juggle health, fitness, career, money, relationships, and dreams (all without breaking a sweat!) But the truth is that there's a lot more going on than what meets the eye, and we're all facing our own challenges and victories. While I'll continue to write about my own journey and passions, I aim to create a well-designed space to inspire a balance. My words aren't prescriptive, but rather a place to start and an opportunity to be more mindful.

Tomorrow Full Spectrum of Life is going to move to its own site, and can be found at fullspectrumoflife.com. I hope you'll join me on this new adventure, and that you in turn, will be open to a journey of your own.

Subscribers be sure to update your Bloglovin and Feedly urls to fullspectrumoflife.com so you can follow along on the new site!

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