Mount Falcon Hike

If there's one thing that's amazed me about Colorado, it's how varied the landscape can be without going very far at all. One second it's all tall grass and rolling plains and the next it's mountains and snow-capped pine trees. And I have to say, neither are too hard on the eyes. 

A few weeks ago we went for a hike on Mount Falcon, which had been billed as one of the top three winter hikes near Denver. Now when I say 'winter hike,' I do not mean up to my knees in snow, wishing I had invested in snow shoes. Many of the trails were packed down enough so that I was comfortable and dry in my normal hiking boots. 

Don't be fooled though, I was gasping for air coming up a pre-tty steep incline on the Parmalee Trail. 'Guess I'm not used to this whole hiking at altitude thing yet. Good thing I had these gorgeous views to serve as an excuse for my frequent breaks on the trail.


photography by Amanda Dennelly with iPhone 5s