DIY: Cropped Type Soap Bottles

As we continue to get the new place organized, there's been a wish list of items of varying priority. Believe it or not, this one was a heavy-hitter. This DIY comes courtesy of Brian, who wanted a soap pump for his body wash. Apparently, the engineer in him scoffed at the idea of having to use two hands to open and squeeze his bottle of soap. How this can make a solid dent in his daily shower routine is beyond me, but as those of you who live with significant others know, it's wise to pick our battles. So I caved on this one, but not before I gave it a twist of my own.

I thought it would look absurd to have one soap pump in the shower in a sea of bright, mismatched bottles. Sorry, but I'm just not a one brand of soap kind of girl — never will be. So I decided that our other soaps would get pumps as well. When I found these matte black ones, I knew they were the just right. Some vinyl, a little skill with an x-acto knife, and we have ourselves some pretty chic cropped letterform soap pumps for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. And now you can too:

All you need is a soap bottle, vinyl in the color of your choice, an x-acto knife or scissors, some double-stick tape, a ruler, and some printed type of your choosing. Or if you want to take the easy road, there are some decent looking pre-cut letters available.

First, print your type to be the approximate height of the flat space on your soap pump. You'll notice that it starts to curve at the top, which makes placing the vinyl without wrinkles very tricky, so try to avoid that. I covered the bottom of my type with a white rectangle (on the computer, but you could easily do this with a white sheet of paper as well) to give my letters the same crop and baseline. This makes them easier to place at the base of the bottle later too.

Next, tape down your letter template on the vinyl, and using your ruler, delicately cut around the letter. I freehanded the curves, but this is where a scissor might come in handy.

Peel the vinyl off the sheet, being careful not to let it fold on itself. Line up the base of your letter with the bottom of the soap pump, and delicately smooth onto the pump. I found that the permanent vinyl was repositionable enough so that this was a relatively forgiving process.

Now they're ready to fill with soap! And so far we're loving them — form and function, what more can you want for your daily routine?

Psst — I recently found very similar soap bottles here too! And the towel can be found here.

photos by Amanda Dennelly