Bedroom Mood Board x 2

I never thought I'd say this, but things are finally starting to come together around these parts. The plywood pile in the living room has drastically decreased, we've built ourselves a kitchen table, and the clutter is beginning to find permanent homes in closets and cabinets. It had to happen someday, right!? And thank goodness there is light at the end of the deep, dark tunnel of unpacking boxes and organizing. Now for the fun part of deciding how to decorate. First up is our our bedroom.

On the whole, the room is rather, oh what's the word…bleh. All our walls are painted an off-white color, which while it's nice to have as a blank slate, is rather uninspiring overall. Add in the beige carpet, and it's as neutral as neutral can be. I'm going to save your eyes the 'before' pics because I'm fairly certain you can imagine beige on beige on beige. The tricky part is, like most apartments, we'd like to avoid painting.

True to form, Brian built our bed frame for this room. We couldn't find an affordable option that offered both the look we wanted and the storage. (This was our inspiration, and we added a headboard for even more storage.) Did I mention we're big on form and function? We also found a waterfall dresser, complete with gold handles, that was an absolute steal. I'm still swooning over it. Now it just needs some friends.

I've been on the fence as to what color to stain the headboard for a few months now, and I'm hoping some mood boards might do the trick. I have two looks I've been playing with, both trying to balance modern touches with some vintage pieces. Overall we're going for a relaxed feel, that combines the clean silhouettes that I'm drawn to, with some richer colors and textures.


Left to right:  01 Gold Sconce  02 Mirror  03 Japanese Scroll  04 Large Planter + Small Planter  05 Gold Bowl  06 Footlocker  07 Pillow  08 Sheet Set  09 Rug  10 Wire Basket


Can I start by saying that it is really difficult to find the perfect pink sheets? I was on the hunt for a nice pale color that didn't scream LOOK AT ME I'M PINK when I came across these. They're perfect. But big surprise to us all, men don't get as excited excited at all about pink sheets, so I did my best to balance out the look with a few more masculine accents.


Left to right:  01 Pendant Light  02 Painting  03 Sconce  04 Throw  05 Striped Planter  06 Alarm Clock  07 Gold Turtle  08 Large Pillow + Small Pillow  09 Side Table  10 Rug  11 Sheepskin Rug

This option has a little more color to it, using a indigo blue as an accent. Notice how I still get my pale pink in there though? That rug gives us a lot of options…now if I could find one for under $400 we'd be set. 

So that's a wrap. What do you think? Are you more drawn to one over the other? Do tell! I'm truly split at the moment.