Mood Board: Crisis of the Brands

You've probably noticed it's been a little quiet around these parts. Ok so, crickets really. Truth be told I've been milking summer for all it's worth — impromptu camping trips, long hikes, outdoor lunches, the list goes on. Basically I'm enjoying every reason that I moved to Colorado.

But behind the scenes there's been a whole lot of tough love directed at my business too. Lately, I've been stewing over where my personal brand is headed, with equal thought as to how my blog and paintings fit into that equation. Visually they're kinda like step-sisters. Everyone gets along, but they're not as close as they could be. It's what I've dramatically coined "a crisis of the brands." Basically, does my brand become one, big, happy family OR do we just acknowledge that we're different and try to get along? ...or do we just never talk again?

Metaphors aside, I've thought a lot about brand vision and clarity. I'll fill you in on the process as it develops, but for starters I wanted to share the mood board I've created for my website rebrand. I've decided to focus my niche on growing small businesses through thoughtfully crafted branding and design. Phew. That short sentence is one that's taken me months to come to terms with. But my passion lies in the power to change what you think based on how something looks. It's a process that I love — turning mere ideas into a visual identity that relates, communicates, and ultimately sells. 

I've decided to focus Dennelly Design Studio on the principles of exploration, growth, simplicity, and authenticity. They're qualities I believe in, in both life and biz, making them a great foundation for what's to come. Stay tuned...


images via: 01 Mountains  02 Business Cards  03 Brand Mark  04 Diving  05 Turtle  
06 Pathway  07 Plywood  08 Scenic Overlook  09 Shapes (hand drawn)  10 Type  11 Painting