D-D Remodel: Ground Floor Bathroom Update


This post is part of a series called D-D Remodel, where we’ll share the progress of renovating our Colorado mountain home. I’ll be posting updates regularly so be sure to check back for the latest.

Furniture is still arriving and there’s a bit of styling left to do, but the airbnb is allllllmost done! Which is truly super exciting news. 

As anyone who has gone through a renovation will tell you, it is all-consuming. I squint my eyes and try to remember what life was like pre-reno. Were we more social? Did we watch more tv? What did we do with ALL THAT TIME?

Kidding aside, I’d love to share some of the progress shots from the ground floor bathroom. But first let’s recap: my biggest qualm with the room was how dark it was, with its awkward layout coming in as a close second. You can read more about that in my previous post here.

First on the to-do list was demo. We pulled pretty much everything existing out of this bath. And while I’m sure that there’s someone out there cringing at the fact that we got rid of all that granite tile and a lovely wooden vanity — quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

The next and possibly most drastic change in this room is the addition of a window. I had some interesting conversations calling around to find a contractor that was willing to do a “cut in” for the window (look at me with my fancy industry terms that I had zero knowledge of prior to this). 

Basically, that is a nice way of saying they had to cut a hole in the side of the house, install a header (a wooden beam that supports the house now that you’ve cut a hole in it), and put in the window.

This would likely be a good time to mention that I’m not a contractor and that what I’m sharing here is my reader’s digest version and in no way technical knowledge. But I do think it’s worth sharing as I would have liked to have read SOME summary of what we were getting ourselves into before we, well, got ourselves into it.

Truth be told, the window was the easiest part of this room. A few guys came out to quote, measure, and look at the site on separate occasions, but other than that, it was a half-day install. They came, they installed, they swept up, they left.

Next up on our list of major stressors (as I like to call them) was the shower pan. I knew that I wanted the shower to run the width of the room as to eliminate some of the awkward layout issues that the pervious shower had. However, of course, the width of the room was not a standard size. This meant it had to be a custom build.

And this is where I thank my lucky stars that I landed a man that can build things like shower pans with some help from the internet.

I’d like to say that it was all downhill from there, but I’m going to be honest — tiling is a b*tch. It’s even more of a b*tch with herringbone tile (which is what I chose for the walls). Or so I’m told, as Brian took most of this on himself. 

If we had to go back and do it all again, we would have hired someone to install it in a heartbeat. Or chosen a different shape. I will never, in the lifetime of my relationship, ever hear the end of how difficult it is to install herringbone tile. Lesson learned.

We chose to do a waterfall shower with a glass panel for a “door.” This decision was largely an economical one — though we likely could have gone with a sliding door, again that would have had to be custom fit for the space and I didn’t see a need to go there.

A tricky part of this bathroom layout was how much depth we lacked on the wall the sink was on. (Which is why the original vanity was such an odd shape in the center).

We had about 13.5” inches, and let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to find that skinny of a sink at a reasonable price point. So this sink was a splurge, but I couldn’t be happier with how it looks in the space. We also opted for a wall-mount faucet because of this spacing issue.

After all that was in, it was mostly plumbing, patching, and painting that was left. Stay tuned for the big reveal. And as always, follow along on Instagram stories where you might be able to catch a sneak peek a bit sooner.