Behind the Scenes: In the Dunes


In collaboration with Veda House

Often times being a working creative means going one step further. It means listening to those tiny inklings of curiosity and passion that lie deep beneath your skin. It means showing up, doing the work, and having enough confidence in your skill set to figure out the details as you go.

But it also means recognizing those opportunities when they come along. 

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to passion projects lately — the work that creatively fuels me. It’s this line of thinking that made me nostalgic for our trip to the sand dunes last spring, a trip that embodied that philosophy in so many ways.


I think back: Cassie and I had just wrapped up a branding project for MIRTH Caftans, a line of beautifully crafted dresses with a mission to give back to their artisan partners in Bagru, India. However, we felt strongly that our storytelling wasn’t over. We saw so much potential in these small batch beauties and we were eager to get them in front of the camera.

The dunes struck us as their natural environment, fitting MIRTH’s mantra “wear one to explore, wear one to slow down”. So with shot list in hand, a few props in the back, and some snacks for the road, we headed 5 hours south of Denver to Sand Dunes National Park.


Now, the trip was not without its hiccups. 

When our gas light flashed on in the middle of the desert, we thanked our lucky stars that the vintage pumps we stumbled upon weren’t just for show. 

We experienced the learning curve of shooting at a site we were unfamiliar with. We came in thinking we’d be able to drive right up to the dunes, not anticipating the longer walk or off-roading we’d have to do to get the shots we wanted. 

We realized that we likely should have brought lunch, being so intent on shooting that we got to the end of the day completely drained, realizing we hadn’t eaten a real meal. A girl cannot live on blueberries alone.


But with each step outside your comfort zone comes an opportunity to expand what you’re capable of. And this trip was no different.

We relished in the adventure, the chance to get outside of the studio, the opportunity to shoot some truly beautiful photos that we’re proud of to this day.

So the next time you feel that pull to follow your curiosity, I encourage you to pursue it. It’s that curiosity that fuels us, and our work is better because of it.