D-D Remodel: Clear Creek Retreat Airbnb Reveal


This post is part of a series called D-D Remodel, where we’ll share the progress of renovating our Colorado mountain home. I’ll be posting updates regularly so be sure to check back for the latest.

There were times when we first moved in, back when I was scraping the popcorn texture off ceilings, that I wondered if this day would ever come.

The thing about renovation is that the middle is really messy and it looks nothing like the end result. There are very few glimmers of hope until the drywall goes in. Until then, it’s all studs, exposed plumbing, and dust. Oh my goodness. So much dust.


But, it’s official. After about six months in the making, our airbnb is finally up and running

I usually go into these sorts of things with a game plan, partly because that’s the way that I’m wired — to look at the end result and then work backward to get to that point.

However, this project took a bit of a windy road. 

I’ve learned that it’s easy to look at Pinterest, pull a collection of inspiring images, only to realize later that the space I have looks nothing like the room in that perfectly curated and styled photo. I found myself on more than one occasion asking, “but what does the other half of the room look like!?!” 

So rather than creating a mood board at the start, as I typically work, this project took on more of a layering process. Decisions were made bit by bit and then any additional furniture or accessories were picked out based on those already decided upon.

It was actually relatively fluid, all things considered. Going about it this way allowed for a certain amount of improvising and flexibility to work within our budget — purchasing items as we stumbled upon them at a thrift or antique store.

But it also means that there wasn’t a lot of build up for this project. There aren’t any mood boards or mockups, so if you missed the Instagram stories of the process, well, the past is in the past.

But there is one pretty good reveal. So without further ado, here’s how far we’ve come.


The space was initially inspired by Scandinavian interiors with a touch of rustic and southwestern accents. Then, toward the end of this project, Target came out with their Modern Global Décor Collection and I knew it was just what we needed to tie it all together. 

We painted the walls white throughout to give a more modern look to the wooden windows and doors, and the result was a far cry from the maroon color that was there before.

But perhaps the largest change was the addition of wood flooring to the main living room, which in itself completely transformed the space.


In an effort to get things up and running, we kept the bedrooms light, bright, and minimal. We may add more to these as time goes on — but I rather enjoy the rather sparse look they have now.

And of course, we’d love to have you visit! If you’ve been craving a trip to the mountains of Colorado, head on over to our listing and book your stay. Until then, you can follow along on Instagram for interior inspiration and things to do in the area.

PS – The bathroom turned out amazing too, but I'll be sure to cover that (in all its glory) in a different post!