Studio Remodel (Week No. 3): The Plan


Photo Courtesy of The Citizenry


Whelp, I can’t say that I’ve made much progress on the tidying front, but pulling together last week’s inspiration put me in a much better place to purchase pieces for the space this week. But before we dive into those decisions, let’s recap a bit on what I’m starting with. 

Currently, I’m using an Ikea storage cabinet from the kitchen department to house my printers and art supplies such as large sheets of paper that need to be stored flat. I find I like to have my electronics behind closed doors so that I don’t have to look at cords and mismatching accessories. It helps the room to have a more clutter-free feel overall. However finding a cabinet that would fit all the things was no small feat. When the typical Besta unit wasn’t deep enough for what I needed, I opted for the larger Sektion.

As you saw in my previous post, the new wooden floors and desk are oak, and about medium in tone. The window frame has been painted black for contrast, and there is one floating shelf above the storage unit. Add a few small multi-drawer organizers to the mix, and other than that, it’s a relatively blank slate.

Last week’s exercise in pulling inspiration made it clear that I need a relatively neutral base for the studio. Accessories can always be swapped out at a later date to freshen the look, but some of the larger pieces won’t be changing anytime soon and it’s best to keep that in mind when I dive into the sourcing phase of the design process.

Now, my impulse is always to do the shopping first, but in an effort to be more intentional, I’m focusing on having a clear direction before clicking that add to cart button. Because I order most everything online, there is always a bit of shuffling at the last minute depending on things like color and quality once I see pieces in person.

I also mentioned previously that an office space should serve in equal parts form and function. Though I’d love a world where that wishbone chair on Pinterest actually served as a super-comfy desk chair, that simply isn’t the case. I’ve had poor posture and back pain from enough of the wrong desk chairs to know how important it is to find the right one. This white one shown here is a friend’s that I gave a test drive — but I won’t hesitate to switch it out if it doesn’t live up.

Another functional note is the magazine racks that you see here. I’m a chronic pile-er. As in, every project I’m working on has a pile on my desk. Now, this system works fine until I need to actually use my desk for sketching or the like, at which point my piles need to be shuffled and well…you can see it’s not the best system. My plan here is to mount the magazine organizers on the wall so that I can see what I’m working on at-a-glance without taking up extra space on my desk.

So without further ado, let’s look at the plan for the space:


And there you have it. What do you think? Does it feel like the dreamy work space you envisioned from the inspiration board? Any pieces you’re dying to have as well?

I’ll be taking the next two weeks to put it all together, so be sure to check back for updates on the full install. And as always, you can find me over on Instagram for the latest.