A Weekend in the Poconos

Sheesh, back to reality, right!? It's just a little harder to wake up on Monday after a long weekend. Personally, I hit the snooze button for an entire hour before I was able to drag myself out of bed. I know. I know. Terrible habit. But I hope your holiday weekend was filled with adventures, and you too were the best kind of exhausted this morning. 

As I mentioned, I spent the weekend in the Poconos with friends. This time we explored Dingmans Falls, a waterfall we hadn't been to before. The intense rainfall from the day before made it all the more spectacular. We also took a trip to my favorite swimming hole, complete with waterfall and rope swing. Tired from swimming, I laid out on a rock to sun myself while the mist from the waterfall kept me cool. I was so content just to lay there, losing all concept of time.

When we weren't venturing across fallen trees or dangling our feet in the river, we were cooking up a storm on the grill. I was particularly proud of my gluten-free burger complete with all the fixings. We also made some pretty amazing guacamole, but then proceeded to eat it all before snapping a photo. In fact you'll have to forgive me, I'm a little light on photos in general this weekend. I reason some of the best memories don't need reminding. That and I was too busy having fun :)

photos by Amanda Dennelly / log crossing photo by Melissa Romero