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Studio Remodel (Week No. 3): The Plan

Whelp, I can’t say that I’ve made much progress on the tidying front, but pulling together last week’s inspiration put me in a much better place to purchase pieces for the space this week. But before we dive into those decisions, let’s recap a bit on what I’m starting with...

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Studio Remodel (Week No. 2): Curating Interior Inspiration

I’m a huge fan of mood boards. In fact, we joke at home that I can’t even butter my toast without creating a mood board for it first. ;) I’m all about having a vision for where you’re headed. Kidding aside, last week I recapped all that’s gone into the studio remodel to get it to the place that it is now. Much of that was resurfacing floors and walls, but this week, I thought it’d be fun to walk you through my process of designing the interior...

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Studio Remodel (Week No. 1): The Studio Beginnings

It was around July 4th last year that I felt the urge to blitz my workspace. I had been living with the status below for some time, and I had the rather impulsive decision that it was THE WEEKEND to get this in working order. By Friday at 5pm, I had not only cleared out my office, but also changed into my home reno attire (face mask, googles, and all) and begun soaking our popcorn ceilings to prepare for scraping...

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