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Studio Remodel (Week No. 1): The Studio Beginnings

It was around July 4th last year that I felt the urge to blitz my workspace. I had been living with the status below for some time, and I had the rather impulsive decision that it was THE WEEKEND to get this in working order. By Friday at 5pm, I had not only cleared out my office, but also changed into my home reno attire (face mask, googles, and all) and begun soaking our popcorn ceilings to prepare for scraping...

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D-D Remodel: Clear Creek Retreat Airbnb Reveal

There were times when we first moved in, back when I was scraping the popcorn texture off ceilings, that I wondered if this day would ever come. The thing about renovation is that the middle is really messy and it looks nothing like the end result. There are very few glimmers of hope until the drywall goes in. Until then, it’s all studs, exposed plumbing, and dust. Oh my goodness. So much dust...

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D-D Remodel: Before Tour

This post is the first in a series called D-D Remodel, where we’ll share the progress of renovating our Colorado mountain home. I’ll be posting updates regularly so be sure to check back for the latest. Our one year anniversary in our new home has come and gone, so it seems like an apt time to finally get around to writing this post. Those of you who have been following over on Instagram have gotten a bit more of the behind-the-scenes scoop, but I know how nice it can be to see the overall, and be able to put the tiny blimps of Instagram stories into perspective...

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