The New 'Do

Ok, so I should probably admit that I haven't had someone new cut my hair since I was in middle school. Old habits die hard, and my stylist Jodi, located in the Boston area, knows just how to get it right. But I don't find myself in the area as much as I used to, and when I heard Jodi was going to be on vacation for my most recent trip, I freaked. My hair was getting desperate. NYC is the land of stylists. How do I pick one? And more importantly, how do I trust one?

So it was off to Bumble and bumble I went. Now let me say that the visit alone was worth the little massage-y chairs they seat you in while your hair is being washed. But the overall experience was wonderful too. My stylist, Mia, sat me down, looked at, and felt my hair before we got anywhere near the scissors. She was super sweet about asking me what I was looking for. And she didn't even roll her eyes when I said that I run, so none of the layers could be too short for me to get up in a ponytail. I was so glad that she took her time — every cut seemed calculated, and she styled my hair beautifully despite the fact I wasn't heading anywhere but my bed that night.

Don't worry Jodi, you're still my number one! But overall, I'm thrilled with this result. So happy in fact, that I was walking around on the sidewalk taking selfies with my iPhone. That's perfectly normal behavior after a haircut, right?