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It’s time to stop putting off the life you’ll live someday and start living it now.


Here’s the thing...

You started a creative business for a reason. You imagined a different, better future for yourself.

One with freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment in both work and life.


But now, maybe that vision has changed. Or maybe you’re finding that it’s harder to reach that vision than you’d imagined.

And you’re not sure what to do.

Maybe your vision is big—like growing your business, moving to a different country, or shifting into a new line of work.

Or maybe your vision is closer to home—less time spent working, more time spent exercising, or taking on fewer clients while keeping the same level of income.

Or maybe your vision is simply a feeling—more space, less overwhelm, more satisfaction, less stress.

Whatever you’re dreaming of, you struggle to see how to get from here to there. And that makes the whole thing, big or small, feel totally out of reach.

Your vision is not out of reach

It's just too big to feel doable.



Change begins with small steps. And small steps begin in your everyday life.

Having the right habits, routines, and processes in place will make all the difference as you work toward the bigger changes you crave.

Here’s what I mean. Imagine a life where:

  • You wake up excited to start the day, rather than feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. 
  • You do something that refreshes you first thing in the morning, rather than immediately opening your laptop.
  • You plan time for the things you know make you feel good, like working out and spending time in the sun, rather than waiting until you’re too fried to even attempt your favorite activities.
  • You feel comfortable, not guilty, stepping away from work, knowing you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go when you return.

Those sound like small things, especially in the face of the dreamy life you envision, but these changes create a foundation for even bigger change. 

If you’re not living your daily life in a way that aligns with what you want, it’s going to be hard to move forward.

So while it feels tempting to go straight for the big, glamorous vision, successful change actually begins with small, consistent efforts in your everyday life.

That’s why I created Future You:

To bring your ideal to life.


Because when you just read that change begins with the everyday, you may have felt relieved for a minute. But then you probably got nervous again.

Not because you don’t have an idea of where to begin—but because you have too many ideas. You likely have a desktop folder overflowing with inspiration, Instagram collections full of beautifully styled corners, and Pinterest boards stuffed with healthy recipes and 10-minute workouts.


Having ideas isn’t the problem. Pulling them all together into a realistic plan that you then test, evaluate, and change until it feels good—that’s the struggle. And that’s why I’m here.


Future You is a simple, actionable eight-week program. 

We’ll focus on your routines—the motions you go through daily—so you can step outside the “someday” fantasy and make your dreams a reality.

Let’s create a beautiful vision for your everyday, and then design a plan to make it real, so you get what you want out of work and life.

In Future You, we will:

  • Refine your vision for your life and business

  • Make it visual with a beautiful mood board so you can see yourself getting there

  • And map out a plan for your daily life with realistic steps to make it happen

Over the years, I’ve used this process of holistic refinement to transform businesses that have no clear direction into ones with a thriving brand presence. I’ve realized that these same strategies can be applied to everyday life, and I want that same transformation for you.

I’ll help you guide your own story rather than watch it unfold.


How it works

There’s freedom in structure. 


Future You unfolds through a series of four 60-minute video calls over a period of eight weeks.

You’ll have access to email support between each call, for those times when you get stuck, have a question, or just need some encouragement.

When the program comes to an end, you’ll walk away with a custom-designed manifesto, so you can continue those consistent efforts long after our work together.


Here’s what we’ll cover in each call:


Call 1

You’ve been holding on to your ideas Too tightly. 

Tell me everything.

Before our first call, you’ll work through a set of questions designed to help you get your goals and ideas (no matter how big or small) out of your head, so we can gain a clearer vision of where you’re headed.

On the call, we’ll hone in on the story you’re looking to create for yourself. Then we’ll work on the logistics of making it real, talking about your current routines and finding clarity around anything that’s been holding you back from working toward that vision. As we talk, we’ll choose a single goal to focus on throughout the next eight weeks.

After the call, I’ll begin designing your custom vision board that will help you see the life you’re crafting, and begin brainstorming changes you could make to your current everyday life.

Take a deep breath. All your ideas are in good hands.



See your story through a new lens.

Let’s map it out.

Now for the exciting part — it’s time to pull these pieces together into a beautiful vision, specific to you. I’ll come to our second call with a first look at your dreamy vision board as well as suggestions for altering your current routines. 

Together, we’ll talk about how to bring that vision board to life, mapping out your day with specific routines and habits and talking about possible roadblocks. 

I’ll send you a plan for your typical week, one that will pave the way for the goal we’ve chosen.

Then after our call, I’ll send you a plan that you’ll use to start putting your ideas into action! Remember, you’ll have email access between calls in case you get stuck, have questions, or want to share a win.

Once we craft a plan, it’s time to make it real.


Call 3

You’ve tested the plan.

We'll see what's working.

Now that you’ve had time to test out your new everyday plan, we’ll discuss what’s working and what isn’t. Change of any kind can be an uncomfortable adjustment, but one with exciting possibilities. 

Together, we’ll get specific about the aspects of the plan we need to tweak and I’ll fine-tune your routines to reflect those changes. For example, maybe waking up for morning yoga just isn’t happening — we’ll shift that to the evening instead.

After our call, I’ll send over a revised plan, and you’ll go back into your everyday life to test these changes. I’ll be here as your accountability partner to keep you moving forward.

You won’t know until you try. Testing the plan is a secret to success.


Call 4

Pull it all together.

Embrace your new habits.

On our final call, we’ll check in on your progress and make any final adjustments needed. You’ll have the confidence you need to move forward with your new everyday life, and you’ll have a good understanding of how to evaluate and change your plan when necessary.

After this call, you’ll receive your own personalized manifesto (as a PDF via email) compiling our work together. This will guide you as you move forward on your own with your newfound clarity and sense of direction.

We’ll build your daily life so you can build your future.


"Before working with Amanda, I was exhausted, unusually frustrated and overwhelmed by the day-to-day tasks of working from home as a creative entrepreneur who runs two small businesses. It felt like something had to give.

Now I have the tools, systems and resources to approach my day with clarity, energy and confidence. Future You taught me how to balance my energy between the two businesses, have a clearer mindset and approach to life and my workload and have more confidence in the work I am doing. I can also see a clearer path to success. The experience was truly invaluable!"

— Larissa, Design Director


Can you picture it?

Making changes in your everyday life begins with having a clear picture of what your day looks like.


At the end of our work together, you’ll receive a custom manifesto: a PDF document that I design to help you find clarity and outline the work that we’ve done. 

Pieces of this manifesto will be delivered via email over the course of our eight weeks together. We’ll make changes until we get the final version just right.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A quick recap of our calls: all your thoughts outlined in an easy-to-digest format
  • An overview of how you’re currently feeling vs. how you want to feel
  • The key roadblocks that are holding you back from your dreamy life
  • One BIG goal that we’ll work toward during our time together
  • Your beautiful, custom-designed vision board — specific to you!
  • A plan for your ideal routine in a weekly format
  • Action items after each session to work through before our next call
  • Your guiding principles — a list of what’s important to you to guide your decisions 
  • A one-sentence core belief to guide you

Consider this manifesto your guiding light for the change you'd like to see.


What if I need additional accountability after the program ends?

I can help you with ongoing support through my Monthly Mentor package.


Maybe everything sounds great, but you worry that your efforts will fizzle out once you’re on your own after the eight weeks are up. 

I understand that feeling, so I’ve created an add-on Monthly Mentor package designed to help you stay on track. 

You can sign up for the Monthly Mentor package when you commit to Future You (at a discounted package rate!), or you can sign up for it once you see what kind of support you need after the eight weeks.  Either way, here’s what you’ll get:

Once we’re done with the initial Future You work, we’ll have a check-in video call once a month. On the call, we’ll discuss what’s working, what’s not, and ways that you can get back on track or take the next step, followed by an email recap from me.

The initial commitment for the Monthly Mentor package is three months, but the support doesn’t have to end there. We can talk about what you need along the way!


You don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to help.

I believe the actions you take daily have far more impact than those you take occasionally.


Hey, I’m Amanda, designer and creative strategist behind Dennelly Design. 


I’ve spent years working with businesses that feel their current branding doesn’t fit who they are and where they want to be.

Through my design process, I bring intentional simplicity and brand refinement to these scattered, inconsistent businesses so they can feel confident in how they're showing up and bring fresh energy toward their bigger vision.

Along the way, I began to notice that the people behind the businesses often felt the same way about their lives—like they were struggling to focus on the "right" things, unsure about how to get where they wanted to be.

And I realized that the same principles I use for branding can also help creatives design a beautiful life.

That’s why I created Future You, a one-on-one coaching program designed to help you cut through the chaos and focus your efforts. Together we’ll work toward real change in your everyday life and work, so you can move toward your bigger vision.



You’re not living your ideal life because you aren’t living your ideal everyday. Let’s change that together.

Is this for you?

It’s much easier to commit to this kind of work when you have a guide and an accountability partner by your side.


This offering will help you thrive if:

  •  You have a good idea of what you’d like your ideal life to look like, but are having trouble putting a plan into action.
  • You process ideas well by talking them through. 

  • You have so many thoughts and dreams, but don’t know where to start.
  • You’re a visual learner and collaborator. 
  • You value simplicity and breaking things down into understandable elements.
  • You’ve realized you don't have to conform to society's views of the "right" path in life or in business, but you’re struggling to put that into practice.
  • You’re done with making excuses and are looking for solutions.
  • You are committed, but would benefit from someone keeping you accountable to moving forward.

You may want to look elsewhere if:

  • You’re in need of a doctor or a therapist. Remember: I will guide you from a design and strategy perspective.

  • You need constant validation that this is the right path. You need to be willing to trust your intuition.

  • You’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. This is about creating a realistic strategy that works for exactly where you are right now.

  • You’re a purchaser, but not a doer. Together, we’ll set the groundwork for where you want to be, but only you can do the work to get there.




Let me help you find the clarity and the tools you need to move your life and creative business forward.

Invest in your future

Future You is a simple, actionable eight-week program designed to help you fine-tune your everyday routines and work toward a better business and a healthier you.


Next steps:

What happens after I purchase?

After you complete your purchase of Future You, you’ll be sent an automated email with all the information you need to schedule your calls. This will include a link to my calendar and your welcome packet PDF with homework to fill out 48 hours before our first call. I hope you’re as excited to get started as I am!



Isn’t this kind of like life coaching?

Well, yes and no — I’m not a life coach or a therapist. Remember that I have a background in design, so my approach is going to help you to visualize what your ideal life will look like and then we’ll strategize how to make it happen. To do this, I use the same process of holistic refinement that I use in my branding and design work, so I know the impact it can have. Over the years, I’ve transformed businesses that have no clear direction into ones with a thriving brand presence. I’ve realized that these same strategies can be applied to everyday life, and I want that same transformation for you.


Do I really need to hire someone to help me do this?

Only you know the answer to that. But my hunch is that if you’ve ended up here, you’re itching for something more, and you haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what that looks like or how to put a plan into action. That’s where I come in. Together we’ll design what your ideal life looks like and outline the steps to get you there. In my experience, an investment in your well-being is always worthwhile. Focusing on your everyday life so that you can show up LESS stressed and busy and MORE fulfilled and happy will only help your business, not harm it.


What types of things can you help me with?

There are two main things that I focus on: The first is helping you visualize what you’d like your life to look like through your custom vision board. Maybe you’re looking for a more minimal lifestyle, paring down the clutter so you’re surrounded by pieces that you truly love. Or maybe you’d like to make a shift toward healthier eating, working more plant-based recipes into your diet. Or maybe you want to pursue your passion of writing, but haven’t been able to carve out the time or see how that fits into the life you have now. Once we figure out what you’re looking for, we strategize the changes you can make in your daily routine to put a plan into action. Your vision is specific to you, but together we’ll pull the pieces together to help you get there.


I’m confused. How is having a set routine going to help me have more freedom and flexibility?

I’m a strong believer in controlled chaos. I think you need to know the rules before you can break them. By identifying your normal routine, you’ll be working more productively toward the things that are actually important to you, giving you that sense of freedom that you crave. You’ll be building in time every day to work toward the things that are important to you, rather than just reacting to what is going on around you. Will there be days where you purposely choose to go off-course? Definitely. But that’s all part of being in that driver’s seat and allowing yourself to guide your own story. You’re being proactive, rather than reactive.


Why do we only set one goal for the eight-week process? I have lots of goals!

These days, we’re used to doing a lot of things at one time, so focusing in on only one goal may make you feel nervous. But if you are able to choose one main goal to focus on, you’ll see that many different layers are uncovered as we dig into that goal and that many of the other things you’ve been thinking about will come up naturally.


What is this manifesto you keep talking about?

The manifesto is a PDF document that I design to help you find clarity and outline the work that we’ve done. This will be delivered via email incrementally over the course of our work together, culminating in the full manifesto at the end. Consider it your guiding light for the change that you’d like to see. I find that it can be extremely helpful to refer to this when you’re feeling a bit uninspired. Print it out, hang your vision board on your bedroom mirror, flip through it when you’re feeling stuck. It’s a document that you can refer back to time and time again. You can view an example of this here.


What if I need more support when we’re done?

I know that accountability is a big piece of the puzzle, and that it can be helpful to have someone to help keep you moving forward. My Monthly Mentor Package is available as an add-on to the Future You program (and is not available separately). This package is structured in three-month increments and includes three 60-minute video sessions, where we’ll discuss what’s working, what’s not, and ways that you can get back on track.


What is your refund policy?

I believe in committing to your goals and following through, and therefore do not offer Future You refunds of any kind. Because we’ll both be investing the time and energy necessary to make this a success, it’s important that you’re 100% committed to our work together. If you have any questions, please reach out prior to scheduling. 


Still have questions about whether this is the right fit?

Go ahead and email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Ok, I’m convinced!

I’d like to build a different, better future for myself.